About Us

You are joining us at the most exciting time – the very beginning!

Who we are:

The British Naturalists’ Association¬†(BNA) was founded in 1905 with the sole aim of promoting the study¬†of Natural History and continues to do so to this day. The organisation is the national body for amateur and professional naturalists alike and is now promoting member engagement and learning within local branches across the UK.

We are a brand new branch of the BNA based over the bi-county region of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Founded in 2016, we now have a small group of dedicated and enthusiastic naturalists working together to explore and promote our local wildlife.

We are united by our love of the natural world and benefit by learning and exploring together.

What we do:

Our local branch has a small group of committed members all keen to develop an interest in Natural History.

As membership increases we will be planning events, activities and trips, initially across the two counties and then further afield exploring various aspects of natural history throughout the UK.

We will also be welcoming experienced amateur naturalists to give talks and assist in the running of short courses for members.

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